Activities of the Youth Commission


Association of Pediatric Physiotherapists Youth Commission
The seminar organized by the Association of Pediatric Physiotherapists on torticollis was held with the participation of our youth commission and our members.
Seminar on Torticollis on January 24, 2015 at Hotel Demonti
In order to achieve an effective and rapid communication with all universities, a University Representative Form was created in universities and university representatives were selected. 21 April 2015
Association of Sport Physiotherapists YOUTH COMMISSION
8 April 2015—Başkent Öğretmenevi (Social Center for Teachers and Other Public Officers)
Acibadem University 1st Students’ Meeting, 18 April 2015
The APP Youth Commission comes together with children on April 23!
Date: 20 April 2015
Place: Ankara University Children's Hospital Pediatric Surgery Department
APP Youth Commission
Ankara University Pediatric Surgery Department (23 April 2015)
Breakfast with the physiotherapy students in Izmir (2 May 2015)
Arel University Faculty Days Program (13 May 2015)
Izmir University Career Days Program (15 May 2015)
5th National Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Congress, Bolu (24 May 2015)
3rd Pediatric Rehabilitation Congress of the Association of Pediatric Physiotherapists
(9-11 October 2015 Wyndham Hotel /Ankara)
Meeting with the representatives prior to the Career Panel
2014 - 2015 APP Youth Commission
2015-2016 APP Youth Commission
We organized the 2nd Ordinary General Assembly meeting.
2015-2016 APP Youth Commission --- Our recent period Executive Board
We prepared a video with the contributions of nearly 300 colleagues all over the country to raise awareness for December 3, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Seminar: Detailed Biomechanical Analysis of Posture Disorders and Physical Therapy Approaches for Children with Neurological Problems
At 3:00 pm on 12 March 2016 at Gordion Hotel/ANKARA
Prof. Dr. Physiotherapist Yavuz Yakut
Prof. Dr. Physiotherapist.Mintaze Kerem Günel
Dr. Physiotherapist Duygu Türker
Dr. Physiotherapist Ayşe Numanoğlu Akbaş
The seminar is free of charge. As the quotas are limited, pre-registration is necessary. Please refer to for pre-registration. Note that APP members will be prioritized.
12 March 2016, Gordion Otel
East Mediterranean University 4th International Career Week -28 March 2016
Karabük University 1st Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Day -31 March 2016
We are celebrating the National Physiotherapy Day together on April 8 in front of the Ancestor of Turkish People Ataturk at Anıtkabir.
We are visiting ANITKABIR with all physiotherapist candidates on April 8, the NATIONAL PHYSIOTHERAPY DAY.